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The Baltimore County Public Schools Prekindergarten Program provides learning experiences that address the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical needs of young children. All sessions operate for half the school day – 2 1/2 hours each weekday – and follow the same schedule for the school year as other grades.

Children who will be 4 years old by September 1 are eligible to be screened for PreK. PreK screening and registration occurs at all elementary schools in Baltimore County, beginning in March. Interested parents should contact their neighborhood school regarding program availability and specific dates and procedures for prekindergarten screening. Parents may also call the Office of Early Childhood Programs at 443-809-4313 for more information.

Early Admission to Pre-Kindergarten (students born between September 2 and October 14)

Pre-K Program Introduction Videos - click on the links below to view the video in multiple languages

English Pre-K Introduction Video
Spanish PreK Introduction Video
Arabic Pre-K Introduction Video
Burmese Pre-K Introduction Video
Chinese Pre-K Introduction Video
Urdu Pre-K Introduction Video
Yoruba Pre-K Introduction Video


Unit 1: All About Pre-K
Welcome to School, Our Classroom, Let's Be Friends, Getting Along

Unit 2:  All About Me
All About Me, My Feelings, My Body, My Family

Unit 3:  My Community
In the Community, My Community, Community Helpers, Helping My Community

Unit 4: Let’s Investigate
I'm a Detective, My Detective Tools, Making Comparisons, Moving Along

Unit 5: Amazing Animals
I Know Animals, Animals at Home, Comparing Animals, How Animals Move

Unit 6:  Growing and Changing
Animals Change, Plants Change, People Change, Living Things Change

Unit 7: The Earth and Sky
My World, Outside My Window, Day and Night, Taking Care of the World

Unit 8: Healthy Food Healthy Body
Being Healthy, Healthy Foods, Healthy Fun, Staying Healthy


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