Grade 10

Unit 1:
In this unit, students explore the overarching course theme of global perspectives. Students will spend significant time analyzing the structure of literary and informational texts, as well as the development of an author's point of view by reading shorter fiction and non-fiction texts from around the world and Oedipus, The King to examine themes and defend their universal relevance. Students will use these texts as a basis to determine to what extent a selected historical figure most closely represents the Aristotelian definition of a tragic hero.

Unit 2:
In this unit, students will read Things Fall Apart to develop an understanding of the impact of colonialism in Africa. Students will spend significant time analyzing the structure of literary and informational texts, as well as analyzing how an author draws on or transforms source material. At the end of the unit, students will compose a brief “missing chapter,” that connects meaningfully to the existing plot, characters, and themes of Things Fall Apart

Unit 3:
In this unit, students focus on literary selections in which authors continue to explore and examine Man’s universal struggle against dominating forces in the world. Through the study of Night, In the Time of Butterflies, and various shorter texts and related non-print texts, students will develop a deeper understanding of the myriad faces of oppression and how oppression can be overcome. The unit ends with students synthesizing ideas across multiple text forms to determine an artistic representation that best reflects the central idea of a text of study. 

Unit 4:
In this unit, students will analyze Nectar in a Sieve to examine the role of traditional Indian beliefs, roles in conflict with Western influences, and historical changes in India. Other shorter literary pieces, as well as informational texts and art forms will be examined to provide students opportunities to increase their understanding of the culture, analyze the universal social issues which they raise, and their alignment and divergence from Western points of view. The unit will end with students composing an essay of literary analysis to determine how a selected character advances a cultural perspective and theme. 

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