Grade 12

Unit 1: Success 
In this unit, students will use a variety of non-fiction articles, short stories, speeches, and interviews to explore multiple perspectives regarding success and the factors, traits, and characteristics necessary to achieve it. Throughout the unit, students will examine how authors develop ideas over the course of a text, use data to support those ideas, make structural choices, and use rhetorical appeals. Students will evaluate others’ claims about success, and they will draw on their understanding of the ideas and details presented to develop and support their own explanation of success.

Unit 2: Gender Roles 
In this unit, students will investigate traditional and stereotypical gender roles for men and women in their historical, cultural, geographical, and social contexts in order to evaluate the impact of changing gender roles on society.  Students will read and analyze literary and nonfiction pieces, examining how authors use the resources of language to express their ideas about gender. Additionally, students will explore current gender stereotypes and biases in order to dissect texts and identify ways in which gender stereotypes are reinforced and challenged in various media.

Unit 3: Using Our Voices to Seek Justice and Peace
In this unit, students will examine fiction and nonfiction texts as well as media to grasp the complex concepts of justice and injustice as they explore answers to the unit's essential questions, and examine the structures/organization of effective arguments.  The unit addresses personal agency as a factor in responsibly evaluating and addressing the elements of disparity and determining the means through which inequity is not only presented but is actively challenged. Students will use research to support their claims in an argument addressing a self-selected issue of social importance. 

Unit 4: Finding Ourselves in Nature 
In this unit, students will build on their knowledge of themes of nature, natural settings, and personal relationships with nature. Throughout the unit, students will examine fiction, nonfiction, essays, poetry, and news articles. In addition, students will build on their research skills, their knowledge of the argument essay, and their use of text-based evidence to support and refute claims as they explore numerous articles that address scientific advancements in genetic engineering and the moral issues that arise as a result.

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