Telephonic Interpretation

BCPS provides our school staff access to telephonic interpreting services (phone interpreters) through LanguageLine Solutions.  

Instructions for Using Language Line:

1. DIAL:          1-866-874-3972
2. PROVIDE:   Client ID - call the ESOL Office at 443.809.9640 to obtain this code 
3. INDICATE:  Language 
4. PROVIDE:   6 Digit Code - call the ESOL Office at 443.809.9640 to obtain this code   

Document the interpreter name and ID number for reference. 
Brief the interpreter and give any special instructions. 

Quick Tips for Working with a Phone Interpreter:‚Äč

At the beginning of the call, briefly tell the interpreter the nature of the call. Speak directly to the limited English proficient individual, not to the interpreter, and pause at the end of a complete thought. Please note, to ensure accuracy, your interpreter may sometimes ask for clarification or repetition.

Language Line Customer Service:

To provide feedback, commend an interpreter, or report any service concerns, call 1-800-752-6096 or go to and click on the “Customer Service” tab, scroll to “Provide Feedback” and complete a “Voice of the Customer” form.

For available languages, please visit the Language List provided by Language Line.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In what circumstances should Language Line be used? 
Use Language Line for phone calls with parents.  When meeting parents in person, you may also use Language Line if an on-site interpreter cannot be obtained.

Can parents use Language Line?
Because Language Line is a fee-for-use service, access is restricted to BCPS personnel. 

When is Language Line available? 
Language Line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.