Grade 7 GT

Unit 1: Choosing to Find Inspiration from History
In this unit, students read An American Plague and primary source documents to analyze how authors convey perspective in non-fiction texts. They will also examine the author’s use of narrative techniques in Fever 1793 in order to apply these techniques within their own writing.  Finally, students will research an epidemic or event in history to compose an original narrative that uses or alters the facts to illustrate a specific theme. 

Unit 2: Choosing How We Represent Our Struggles
In this unit, students read longer works of both fiction and non-fiction to analyze how organizational and narrative structures contribute to the meaning of texts. Students will examine texts such as Round and Round Together and/or A Raisin in the Sun to determine how ideas and themes are developed. Students will compose a literary analysis essay to evaluate how dialogue and stage directions, as written and then performed, contribute to building tension in the plot. 

Unit 3: Choosing My Perspective

Unit 4: Choosing to be Conscious Citizens

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