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2018 Elementary Maker Faire Results

Grade 3- Safe Racer

Northwest Summit Park
Southwest Halethorpe
Southeast Charlesmont
Central         Carroll Manor
Northeast* Kingsville

Grade 4- Rubbish Rescue

Northwest* Stem Squad from Church Lane Elementary
Southwest The Trash Chopping Trio from Hillcrest Elementary
Southeast The Trashers from Chase Elementary
Central         The Resourceful Rubbish Raccoons from Riderwood Elementary
Northeast The Trash Blazers from Pine Grove Elementary

Grade 5: Maker Faire Challenge

Northwest Conowingo Fishies from Chatsworth Elementary
Southwest The White Wolves from Chadwick Elementary
Southeast* JAE from Chesapeake Terrace Elementary
Central         The GST Team from Cromwell Valley Elementary
Northeast Debris Dominators from Vincent Farm Elementary

* Grand Prize Winner