Family and Consumer Science

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The Office of Family and Consumer Sciences develops, implements, and evaluates family and consumer sciences (FACS) courses in middle schools and FACS elective courses and completer programs in high schools. The office also oversees the culinary arts and criminal justice completer programs.

FACS courses teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills and utilize technology to explore topics in the content areas of:

1. resource management, including time management and financial literacy.
2. individual, child, and family development.
3. nutrition and foods.
4. clothing and textiles.
5. living environments (housing and interior design).

Hands-on and laboratory experiences reinforce learning. The four major processes of thinking, communication, leadership, and management are integrated throughout FACS content areas.

FACS middle school courses and FACS high school elective courses prepare students for their current and future multiple roles as individuals, family members, and community members in a diverse, global society. Students prepare to balance work and family life and to manage the challenges of living and working in a technological society. Personal financial literacy is emphasized in all courses. FACS elective courses provide the bridges needed to help individuals and families address and prevent major current societal issues (issues of combining work and family, personal and financial problems, the environment, increasing obesity and associated health issues, child and elder care, global politics and the economy, and technology usage).

FACS career completer programs prepare students for admission to related programs at community colleges and universities as well as for entry-level positions in specific job areas.  Students in completer programs take a sequence of courses in their selected career major. The programs include the option for work-based learning experiences. Students who complete the programs with 3.0 averages may be eligible to earn up to 17 articulated credits at The Community College of Baltimore County and other post-secondary institutions. 


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