Technical Programs

MiVida M. Parham, Supervisor 

Valerie Brennan, Resource Teacher 

The Office of Technical Programs provides coordinated support for technical skill career and technology education programs in five occupational clusters.

Cluster programs include:

  • Automotive/Transportation
    (Automotive Service and Diesel Truck and Power Systems) - Click here to see a video about the Automotive programs

  • Agriculture and Environmental Services
    (Plants & Environmental Sciences, Animal & Environmental Sciences, and Environmental Technology) 

  • Consumer Services 
    (Cosmetic Services)

  • Construction and Development (Carpentry Career, Construction Careers, Electrical Careers, HVAC, Mechanical Construction/Plumbing Careers) 

  • Health Careers
    (Allied Health, Biomedical Sciences, Certified Nursing Assistant, and Health Science)

For more information on the schools that have these programs and others see
Career Completer Programs

For a detailed competency profile for each program see: Technical Program Competency Profiles

These programs are featured throughout the county's five Career and Technology Centers, comprehensive high schools, and one middle school.  The Mobile Agriculture Science Laboratory, supported by the Office of Technical Programs, visits the county’s middle schools on a rotating basis.

Instructor and program services include: curriculum development, certification and technical skill upgrading, facility/safety enhancements, program advisory committee support, new program development and implementation of business/industry program certification skill standards.

Student services focus on the integration of academics, delivery of applied instructional techniques, implementation of tech prep programs of study, credit articulation, and a variety of school-to-work transition opportunities that equip each student with the academic and technical skills necessary to become a life long learner and contributing member of society. Technical Programs prepare students for high school skill, high wage and high demand occupations.