School Climate

Dr. Sharone Brinkley-Parker, Director
Kathleen Rybarczyk, Administrative Secretary

Jefferson Building
105 West Chesapeake Avenue, 4th Floor
Towson, MD 21204
Phone: 443-809-7656

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The Office of School Climate is responsible for monitoring and promoting a healthy school environment for our students, our staff, and our stakeholders. This Office encompasses our pupil personnel workers (PPWs), psychologists, social workers, and superintendent’s designees, as well as their support staff.  Together our teams work to help our students be able to fully concentrate on succeeding in being lifelong learners.

Our mission is to ensure that every student has a structured environment at their school that encourages learning as well as promoting civility and good citizenship. We do this by working with students, teachers, administrators, and support staff as well as parents and the community, to deal with issues that affect our students at our schools.  These can include poverty, homelessness, mental health, attendance, behavioral issues, and discipline.

We work as a team to promote restorative practices to resolve problems, use of appropriate disciplinary measures, and civil interactions between stakeholders in our schools. We see modeling respect for others, good citizenship, and personal accountability as essential for our students, in order for them to be lifelong learners in our rapidly evolving and multicultural world. 

Our vision is that each school's culture will empower all student to graduate from BCPS with the skills to be responsible, compassionate, and productive members of a globally competitive society.