Grade 5

Unit 1: Innovation and Discovery
In this unit, students will read nonfiction texts about transformative ideas and how passion and persistence can help people achieve their goals, turn their ideas into action, and transform their world.

Unit 2: Our Ever-Transforming World
In this unit, students analyze how information helps to transform and clarify our thinking as well as analyze how the world has changed and how the change impacts us.

Unit 3 Parts 1 and 2: Historical Transformation
In this unit, students are introduced to authors' and narrators' points of view, and how these points of view affect how events are told. Students reflect on how point of view is different in informational texts and literary text.

Unit 4: Writing Worth Reading
In this unit, students examine a variety of literary text including tall tales and poetry. Later in the unit students read about teamwork and discoveries that have transformed lives.

Unit 5: Windows and Mirrors
In this unit, students analyze how experiences and relationships can help you find your place.

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