Grade 3

Unit 1: A Delicate Balance
In this unit, students read a variety of informational selections to analyze the relationships within the natural world between humans and animals, particularly how humans protect animals.

Unit 2: Stories that Teach
In this unit, students read a variety of literary selections from around the world that emphasize life lessons and morals.

Unit 3: Inventions and Innovation
In this unit, students read short biographies and informational texts about inventors and their inventions to gain knowledge about the creation, innovation, and continuing development of inventions.

Unit 4: Historical Perspectives
In this unit, students read biographies about individuals who made significant contributions to American society, related to immigration, homesteading, civil rights, and space exploration.

Unit 5: Roald Dahl Author Study
In this unit, students experience the fanciful world of Roald Dahl through the reading of several of his most famous works.

Unit 6: Poema
In this unit, students read a variety of poems to gain a deeper appreciation for different types of poetry, as well as analyze the authors' craft to gain greater insights into how poets effectively use different elements of poetry.

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