Annual Verification

If you are continuing to homeschool your child from one year to the next, no paperwork is required.  

Continuing with BCPS Portfolio Reviews: Parents were asked at the spring reviews about their plans to continue homeschooling. Families who are continuing to be reviewed by BCPS will received confirmation letters via USPS for each student during the summer (typically late July/early August).

Continuing with Umbrella:
 Each year, every umbrella verifies the enrollment of new and returning students.    Annual confirmation letters can be sent to umbrella parents, upon request.  Please send an email to to request a confirmation letter.  Be sure to include the first and last name of each student and the first and last name of the parent. 

Switching Supervision: If you switch umbrellas or switch between an umbrella and BCPS, please notify our office by sending an e-mail to