Registration Form

Notification for NEW Homeschooling Students for 2019-2020 

(Notification Forms for 2020-2021 will be accepted beginning on July 1, 2020)

This form is only to be used for students who are new to homeschooling in Baltimore County.

Prior to submitting a homeschooling notification form, parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to inform themselves with Maryland's homeschooling regulations that are specified in COMAR 13A.10.01.01-.05 and explained in the MSDE FAQ and the Video Series: The Home Instruction Process in Maryland located on the Home Schooling homepage of this website.  

Baltimore County Public Schools provides families with 2 options to register a student for homeschooling. Please note that the information provided on these forms is maintained in a confidential manner.  

Please submit only one form per child; there is no need to submit a form more than once. If you need immediate verification that the form was received, please send an email to   

1. Print, complete, and submit this Home Schooling Notification Form by e-mail or USPS.
Due to the impact of COVID-19, all BCPS schools and offices are closed. To that end, access to USPS is limited. If possible, please email the form or use the Electronic Notification Form.  


2. Complete an electronic form by clicking this link: Electronic Notification Form  

Once the form is received, a confirmation letter will be e-mailed to the parent/guardian within 15 days. The confirmation letter will be mailed if no e-mail address is provided.