Innovative Teaching and Learning

The Innovative Teaching and Learning team provides support through BCPS Makes to foster the growth of maker spaces through the district. The Mobile Innovation Lab provides elementary school residencies and support for evening events. A Maker Lending Library helps schools by providing various maker materials for schools to try. Resource teachers provide professional development on items from the lending library. Finally, the Technology Liaison Program is managed by this team providing support to over 230 school-based technology liaisons.

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 Mobile Innovation Lab logo

The BCPS Mobile Innovation Lab is a converted school bus serving as a maker space and innovation station for the district’s schools, centers, and programs. Housed within the Mobile Innovation Lab are the tools, materials, and instructional supports for students and stakeholders to truly innovate. The Mobile Innovation Lab’s residency program and availability for school and BCPS-affiliated community events provide opportunities to reach all Baltimore County Public Schools stakeholders.

BCPS Makes Logo

BCPS Makes supports school-based makerspaces from concept, planning, implementation and support. BCPS Makes creates opportunities for all stakeholders to develop and apply their passions and 21st Century skills in authentic, hands-on learning experiences focused on growing the whole child in a global society. the mission of BCPS Makes is to sparks students’ curiosities and passions through access to hands on, student-driven experiential learning opportunities in which they are encouraged to collaborate, fail forward, problem solve, and iterate.

BCPS Technology Liaisons Logo

The Technology Liaison position is an Extra Duty Assignment (EDA) that supports the use of instructional technology in the school. Each school's principal has been asked to identify a Technology Liaison who serves as the school's contact with the Department of Innovative Learning and the Department of Information Technology. Technology Liaisons attend regularly scheduled liaison meetings and disseminate information from these meetings, in a timely fashion to the school's principal and other staff members. All Technology Liaisons receive extra duty compensation; as these duties are to be performed before and/or after the normal duty day. Information for this compensation is available through the Community Superintendent offices.