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Mission Statement

The Chief Academic Officer provides vision, leadership, and expertise in the development of curricular and instructional initiatives that support achievement for all Baltimore County students. The development of curricula, based on research and best practices, provides teachers, students, and parents with a quality instructional program that is firmly based on the state standards. The division provides service to schools to support the effective implementation of curriculum, to meet the instructional needs of teachers, and learning needs of students.

Division Objectives

  • Research and develop curricular and instructional programs that provide for active and engaging learning for all students in all content areas.

  • Improve teaching and learning to enable all students to achieve high standards of performance.

  • Align and coordinate the systemwide implementation of key initiatives to improve achievement and performance for all students including professional development related to PARCC assessments, reading, and mathematics.

  • Develop and implement systemwide staff development based on the individual needs of all employees, which focuses on leadership development, enhancement, risk-taking, and innovation.

  • Provide services to administrators, teachers, and parents so students receive the support they need to succeed in school.

Dr. Mary McComas
Chief Academic Officer
Tel: 443-809-3593

Ms. Gepsie Cox, CAP
Executive Administrative Assistant
Tel: 443-809-2809

Dr. Jeffrey Holmes
Sr. Executive Director, Curriculum Programs and Services
Tel: 443-809-3866

Ms. Megan Shay
Executive Director,  Teaching and Learning
Tel: 443-809-4671

Dr. Melissa Lembo Whisted
Executive Director, Academic Services
Tel: 443-809-4196

Dr. Douglas Elmendorf
Executive Director, Academic Programs and Options
Tel: 443-809-3033

Dr. Kathrine Pierandozzi
Executive Director, Special Education
Tel: 443-809-9982

Ms. Denise Frock
Fiscal Officer
Tel: 443-809-6210