Rule 6702/Athletic Eligibility

RULE 6702 1 INSTRUCTION: Extracurricular Activities Intramural, Interscholastic, and Corollary Athletic Programs 

I. Purpose To outline guidelines for the establishment of intramural, interscholastic, and corollary athletic programs in Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS).
II. Definitions The following definitions apply to this rule: 
                A. Athletic Program – A school-sponsored program that occurs before or after the regular school day, is not graded, and for which a credit is not earned. 

                B. Corollary Allied Athletics – A program that is not governed by the requirements of                    the Maryland Public Secondary School Athletic Association (MPSSAA) and is specifically designed to combine groups of students with and without disabilities in physical activity. 
                C. Interscholastic Athletics – Individual and team sport activities that are governed by the requirements of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA), state regulation, and BCPS Regulations, Procedures, and Guidelines for Interscholastic Athletics. 
                D. Intramural Athletics – Before- or after-school programs that may be organized in the home school to offer equal opportunities for students to participate in a variety of games, sports, and tournaments to encourage active participation of all students regardless of their abilities. 
                E. Legally Transferred – Change of residence or transfer from one school to another and approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee. 
                F. Parent – The biological or adoptive parent, legal guardian, or person acting in the absence of the parent or guardian. 
                G. Student with a Disability – A student who meets the definition of: 1. A “handicapped person” as defined in 45 C.F.R. §84.3(j); 2. A “student with a disability” as defined in COMAR 13A.05.01.03B; or RULE 6702 2 3. A “handicapped person” as defined in 34 C.F.R. §104.3(j).
III. Intramural Athletics 
                A. The principal shall designate an intramural sponsor who will be responsible for planning, implementing, and facilitating before- or after-school voluntary programs that offer a variety of activities and tournaments to encourage active participation of all students regardless of their abilities. 
                B. The principal is responsible for providing adequate facilities and supervision for spectators and participants at all intramural athletic events. 

IV. Interscholastic Athletics 
                A. BCPS Regulations, Procedures, and Guidelines for Interscholastic Athletics will be published annually and must be adhered to by all schools. 
                B. The principal and/or his/her designee is responsible for the administration, organization, and supervision of the school’s interscholastic athletics program. 
                C. If a student with a disability participates on an interscholastic varsity or junior varsity team, that student will be subject to the rules of MPSSAA. 
                D. Students shall present to their high school principal an athletic permit, completed and signed by the student’s parent, giving permission for participation in the sport. 
                E. Students shall submit to their high school principal a Pre-participation Physical Evaluation form as proof of being examined and certified as being physically fit to participate in any try-out, practice, or contest of a school team. 
                                1. The physical examination shall be performed by a licensed physician, certified physician’s assistant (PA) under the supervision of a licensed physician, or a certified nurse practitioner (NP). 
                                2. The physical examination shall be good for twelve (12) months from the date of the examination. 
                F. Students may represent only the school where they are enrolled and attending and where they intend to complete graduation requirements. 
                G. Students who are 19 years or older as of August 31 are ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletic programs. 
                H. Transfer Students and Late Enrollment 
                                1. Students who legally transfer to a BCPS school and who meet all of the requirements of this rule, as well as the requirements of MPSSAA and BCPS Regulations, Procedures, and Guidelines for Interscholastic Athletics, may participate in interscholastic sports programs under the following conditions: 
                                                a. If the student is enrolled in BCPS after September 30 but before November 15, the student shall be ineligible to represent the school in interscholastic sports during the first semester, unless: 
                                                                (1) The student has transferred from a school where the student has attended regularly during the current school year. 
                                                                (2) The student is identified as homeless as defined by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. 
                                                b. A request for a waiver under this section shall be submitted to the Coordinator, Office of Athletics. 
                I. Academic Eligibility 
                                1. High School 
                                                a. Students are academically ineligible if they have less than a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) with no more than one failing, incomplete, or medical grade in the preceding quarter. 
                                                                (1) A grade of Fail in a Pass/Fail class is considered a failing grade and will affect eligibility and GPA. 
                                                                (2) Fall academic eligibility is determined by the fourth quarter grading period from the preceding year. This provision does not apply to incoming ninth grade students for initial fall eligibility. 
                                2. Middle School 
                                                a. Students are academically ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics if they have less than a 2.0 GPA with no more than one failing, incomplete, or medical grade in the preceding quarter. 
                                                                (1) Fall academic eligibility is determined by the fourth quarter grading period from the preceding year. This provision does not apply to incoming sixth grade students for initial fall eligibility.  
                                                b. Students who are 15 years old or older as of August 31 are ineligible to participate in the middle school interscholastic athletic program. 
                                3. Certificate-bound students are academically ineligible if they have more than one failing grade for the quarter; GPA is not a factor.
V. Corollary Allied Athletics 
                A. The Office of Athletics shall organize and administer the school system’s corollary allied athletics in accordance with the requirements set forth in regulation. 
                B. The corollary allied athletics program shall include co-ed teams comprised of disabled and non-disabled students who meet eligibility requirements. 
                C. Students will be able to participate in corollary allied athletics up to the age of 21, as long as they are enrolled in BCPS and receiving special education services. 
                D. Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in the corollary athletic program. A student: 
                                1. Shall be a secondary school student in Grades 9-12. 
                                2. Shall be officially registered and attending a Baltimore County Public School. 
                                3. Shall submit a parent or guardian permission form for participation. 
                                4. Shall submit a pre-participation Physical Evaluation form. 
                                5. Shall be making satisfactory progress toward: 
                                                a. Graduation with a Maryland High School Diploma; or 
                                                b. School completion with a Maryland High School Certificate of Program Completion. 
                                6. May not have participated on an interscholastic athletic team in the same sport, unless the student develops a disability during his/her years of participation in interscholastic sports, for which an exception may be made. Exceptions under this paragraph shall be referred to the Coordinator, Office of Athletics. 

VI. Health Insurance Required 
                A. Students participating in interscholastic sports and/or corollary allied athletics shall submit to their high school or middle school principal proof of health insurance coverage.  
                B. Health insurance coverage required under this paragraph shall include one of the following: 
                                1. Proof of insurance coverage under the parent’s current, effective policy; or 
                                2. Proof of the purchase of a student accident policy through the BCPS student accident insurance program. For students participating in football, the student accident policy must include the football coverage option. 
                C. No student shall be denied access to these athletic programs because of his/her status under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act. 

VII. Behavior 
                Students must follow the BCPS Code of Conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook and are subject to disciplinary action for any behavioral offenses committed while participating in an athletic program. 

VIII. Compliance 
                A. The Office of Athletics shall be responsible for filing all required annual reports with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). 
                B. Prior to the first practice session, athletic coaches are responsible for verifying receipt of a signed parent or guardian permission form, completion of the requisite Pre- participation Physical Evaluation form, and the academic eligibility of each athlete participating on his/her team. 
                C. The principal or his/her designee is responsible for certifying that each athlete representing his/her school meets the school system’s eligibility requirements prior to the first game. 

Legal References:
42 U.S.C. §11432(g)(1)(I)–(g)(1)(J), McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act 
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