Volunteer Coaches

Volunteer Coaches

Volunteer Coaching Requirements:

The Principal and Athletic Director will use the following procedures for selecting a volunteer coach:

1. The applicant must submit a completed coaching application prior to coaching.

2. The applicant must provide proof of fingerprinting and a background check conducted by the Baltimore County Public Schools prior to coaching.

3. The applicant must be a high school graduate and at least 21 years of age.  The assignment is for one season.  The number of volunteer coaches assigned to any one team cannot exceed the number of paid coaches.

4. The applicant must have completed a minimum one credit course in Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries and CPR certification prior to the coaching assignment.  

5. The applicant must provide two-character references prior to coaching.

6. The applicant must provide two references outlining experiences in coaching and playing the particular sport prior to coaching.

7. The applicant must be willing to make a commitment to the sport on a regular consistent basis.

8. The applicant may not serve as a volunteer in a sport in which he/she has a member of the immediate family participating.

9. A volunteer shall not be used in lieu of a previously approved regular, paid coaching position.

10. An additional team will not be created because a volunteer coach is available.

11. The applicant shall be selected by a recommendation of the head coach to the athletic director.  The principal and appropriate supervisor must approve the assignment.

12. The volunteer will be evaluated by the head coach in conjunction with the athletic director and principal.

13. The volunteer may be removed/dismissed at any time by a recommendation of the head coach, confirmed by the athletic director, and the principal.

14. The volunteer coach shall be issued an annual contract by the Board of Education in the amount of $1.00 (to make the position legally binding and to provide liability coverage) which shall be put on file in the Office of Athletics prior to the volunteer conducting any coaching activities.

15. The conduct of all paid and volunteer coaches shall be exemplary for the growth and developmental needs of all students.

16. The athletic director will be responsible for providing proper guidance to volunteer coaches in relation to coaching ethics, school policies, eligibility regulations, and coaching duties.


Checklist for Volunteers:

1. Interview with Athletic Director

2. Coaching Application on file with the Athletic Director and the Office of Athletics

3. Volunteer Contract on file with the Athletic Director and the Office of Athletics

4. Proof of Fingerprinting and background check by BCPS

5. Four references (two in writing)

6. Signed Agreement (BCPS form)

7. Heat Acclimatization Certificate

8. Concussion Certificate

9. Care and Prevention Certificate