Middle School Mathematics Courses

Middle School Mathematics

                                                Illustrative Mathematics Selects Kendall Hunt Publishing as Exclusive  Distributor of the Freely Available IM Certified Middle and High School Math  Curriculum | Business Wire

All BCPS middle school math courses use the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum published by Kendall Hunt. An overview of the program can be found on the 
IM Kendall Hunt family resources website.

Resources for each course can be found on the corresponding course sites, as linked below:

 Course Year At A Glance   Family Resource    Student Resource  
 Math 6   English / Español     English / Español  
 Math 6/7A Accelerated    English    English 
 Math 7   EnglishEspañol    EnglishEspañol
 Math 7B/8 Accelerated   English     English
 Math 8   English / Español   English / Español

Algebra 1 and Geometry information can be found on those pages of the BCPS Secondary Mathematics website.