Grade 1

Social studies instruction is intended to provide the knowledge of content and appropriate skills so students can become active, involved citizens of the community. The Grade 1 social studies curriculum specifically focuses on building a sense of self and community while beginning to incorporate the larger social studies themes of geography, economics, political science, culture, and history. The current Grade 1 curriculum includes the following units of study:

1. Geography Basics
2. My Local Community
3. My State is a Community
4. My Nation is a Community

Students in Grade 1 should know and be able to:
  • Use geographic concepts and processes to understand location and its relationship to human activities.
  • Explore their roles and responsibilities as individuals and as members of various groups.
  • Describe and begin to analyze how people interact culturally, socially, politically, and economically in a community.
  • Determine relationships between people and the physical environment in which they live, including how landforms, bodies of water, and natural resources affect daily lives.
  • Identify how communication, trade, and transportation connect people and places.
  • Identify and explain important landmarks and memorials in Washington, D.C.

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