Grade 3

Social studies instruction is intended to provide the knowledge of content and appropriate skills so students can become active, involved community citizens. Students in Grade 3 will continue to develop and advance the skills they learned in Grades 1 and 2 by exploring more complex questions in geography, economics, political science, culture, and history. Students in Grade 3 will explore the connections between these various strands of social studies. The Grade 3 curriculum includes the following units of study:

1. Personal Financial Literacy
2. Civics in Action
3. Maryland’s Economy and Geography
4. The World Before Colonization & the Establishment of Maryland

Students in Grade 3 should know and be able to:

  • Identify and apply economic concepts such as limited goods, wants, needs, opportunity cost, spending plans (budget), and interdependence.
  • Describe the responsibilities of being an effective citizen, such as cleaning up your neighborhood, being informed, obeying rules and laws, participating in class decisions, and volunteering.
  • Identify how having multiple perspectives benefits and challenges people living in a democratic society. 
  • Use maps, photographs, and other representations to explain relationships between the locations of two or more places.
  • Create and use a timeline to compare developments that happened over time. 
  • Interpret evidence of the past to make claims about how individuals and groups shaped their region.

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