Grade 4

Social studies instruction is intended to provide the knowledge of content and appropriate skills so students can become active, involved citizens of the community. The Grade 4 curriculum leads students into a deeper exploration of the history of the United States. Students will use the foundational skills in geography, economics, political science, culture and economics to analyze the indigenous people of the United States pre exploration, the events of the Age of Exploration and the early Colonial Period. The Grade 4 units of study include:

1. Geography and Economics in the United States
2. The Earliest Americans
3. The Age of Encounters
4. The English Colonies

Students in Grade 4 should know and be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate the impact of geography on Native Americans cultures
  • Explain how people adapt, modify, impact, and make choices based on the natural environment
  • Analyze and evaluate the impact of geography on European settlers
  • Analyze the goals and consequences of European exploration and settlement of North America.
  • Compare early colonial life in Maryland to other colonies.
  • Explain the role government played in early colonial life.

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