Grade 5

Unit 1: Innovation and Discovery

In this unit, students will read nonfiction texts about transformative ideas and how passion and persistence can help people achieve their goals, turn their ideas into action, and transform their world.

Unit 2: Revolutionary Perspectives

In this unit, students will read primary and secondary sources with a focus on perspective to explore the road to the American Revolution through multiple points of view as they read like historians to uncover truths from this noteworthy time period. 

Unit 3: Historical Fiction Genre Study

In this unit, students will use what they learned about the American Revolution to evaluate the accuracy of historical fiction novels that take place during this time period.

Unit 4: Writing Worth Reading

In this unit, students will examine a variety of literary text including tall tales, poetry and novels. They continue to summarize and determine the theme of these texts while being introduced to the concept of tone.  They explore author's craft in order to determine how authors' create high quality pieces of writing.

Unit 5: Our Ever-Transforming World

In this unit, students will analyze how information helps to transform and clarify our thinking. Students also analyze how the world has changed and how the change impacts us.

Unit 6: Risk and Reward

In this unit, students will analyze character decisions and values in order to better understand why characters take risks. Students also discuss and identify elements of fantasy stories as they compare how two authors develop similar themes in two fantasy stories.

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