Grade 8

G8 Collections AnthologyUnit 1: Through the Storyteller's Eyes - The Power of an Engaging Narrative
In this unit, students explore the narrative techniques employed by authors to engage readers. Students will read multiple short texts of fiction and non-fiction as well as a novel-length work to analyze the development of dramatic irony and point of view through characterization and dialogue.  The unit will end with students effectively using narrative technique to accurately develop characters and theme in an imagined prequel, sequel, deleted scene, or alternate ending to one of the texts read in the unit.

Unit 2: Who I am, Where I Am - The Power of Diversity
In this unit, students will consider and celebrate the diversity in their communities while exploring the challenges faced by people from different cultures as they work to develop a sense of belonging in the community in which they live. Students will read and analyze a variety of non-fiction and literary texts to analyze structural choices made by writers and the impact of these choices on text meaning. Students will evaluate and critique sources to offer suggestions for revision to improve content appropriate to support teenagers in understanding and respecting multi-cultural communities.  

Unit 3: Enduring Tumultuous Times - The Power of Craft and Structure
In this unit, students read a variety of text sets, both fiction and non-fiction, to compare and contrast the development of ideas with a focus on word choice and structure. Students will analyze stylistic choices made by writers that develop tone and contribute to the development of central themes/ideas. This unit ends with students composing an analysis of how authors develop similar ideas in different ways.   

Unit 4: Approaching Adulthood: The Power of Responsibility
In this unit, students explore issues connected to the shift from childhood to adulthood. They will read a variety of texts with an emphasis on informational articles, essays, and opinions. Students will determine how an author conveys an argumentative position using clear reasoning and evidence that is both relevant and sufficient to support the claim. Students will have an opportunity to develop their own argument to support a claim about when kids become adults using reasons and evidence derived from both text-based research and personal experience.

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Note: The BCPS ELA curriculum provides teachers and students with choices that allow for personalized, responsive, and engaging instruction. Students should read the majority of the unit's novel-length work(s) outside of class time. The suggested unit sequences and text options may vary.