Enrolling in BCPS

A parent/guardian who wishes to stop homeschooling and enroll a student in Baltimore County Public Schools may do so at any time of the year. For information about registering a student, please visit the BCPS website, Schools - Registration

For information about Magnet Programs, please visit the BCPS website, Magnet Programs - Division of Curriculum and Instruction (bcps.org)

Additional Notes
The student's grade level placement and, if applicable, any high school credits to be awarded are at the discretion of the local school in accordance with COMAR 13A.10.01.04 Placement in Public School: 
Upon application of a child for admission to a public school from a home instruction program, the local superintendent (or designee) shall determine by an evaluation the placement of the child and any credits to be awarded toward high school graduation. The evaluation may include administration of standardized tests and examinations and interviews with the child.

For High School Students Wishing to Receive Credits for Homeschooling Coursework: Upon enrollment in BCPS, the school will administer the BCPS end-of-course exam for each course the student wishes to earn credit. High school credits awarded by online schools or other homeschooling programs do not transfer into BCPS.

Once a parent/guardian enrolls a homeschooled student in school, kindly notify the Home Schooling Program by completing the Withdraw Form, sending an email, to leaving a voice mail message in accordance with the regulation.
COMAR 13A.10.01.1B(3) Change in Status: 
A parent or guardian shall notify the local school superintendent or the supervising nonpublic school or institution described in Regulation .05 of this chapter if a change occurs in the home school status of a child during the school year.