Students who are homeschooled are eligible to register for the General Educational Development (GED) exam at the age of 16. 

To register for the GED, the homeschooled student is required to provide the Home Instruction Verification Form that requires a signature and stamp from the office of the BCPS Home Schooling Program. To request the Home Instruction Verification Form, please send an email to the office ([email protected]), call the office (443-809-2896), or ask for one at the portfolio review.

All specific information about the GED and test registration can be obtained on the Maryland Department of Labor's website by clicking on this link: GED Website

Information about preparing for the GED can be accessed under the section entitled, Study, at this link: GED Preparation.  

The exam consists of 4 modules: Reasoning through Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematical Reasoning. Once the student has passed all 4 parts, he or she will earn a Maryland High School Diploma. If the student does not achieve passing scores in all 4 modules of the GED test, the student must continue to participate in a homeschooling program or enroll in a school until he or she reaches the age of 18.  Parents/guardians who have portfolio reviews with BCPS may include a student's GED preparation work in the portfolio to show that the student is receiving regular, thorough instruction.