Early College Access Programs (ECAP)

BCPS ECAP LogoEarly College Access programs have been developed in order to meet Blueprint 2.0 Goals 1B and 1C:
- Goal 1B: Provide students equitable resources for and access to world-class first instruction and high-quality educational programs.
- Goal 1C: Ensure a learner centered, personalized, blended environment powered by digital learning and interactive curriculum access that is flexible anytime and anywhere. Dual Enrollment Programs
“Dual Enrollment” refers to a series of early college access programs in which a student is dually enrolled in a BCPS high school and a Maryland University System college or university. For more information, please explore the Baltimore County Public Schools Early College Access Programs Overview for Students and Parents.

Dual Credit Program
The Dual Credit Program is an early college access program offered to BCPS high school students. Dual Credit courses are approved college courses that meet high school graduation requirements for Maryland and standards of rigor for BCPS. The Dual Credit Program in partnership with CCBC offers select, pre-approved college courses that provide both high school and college credit for BCPS students attending CCBC. Here is the current list of CCBC/BCPS Dual Credit Courses.

Early College Access Programs Overview for Students and Parents Revised for July 1 2022 .pdf

CCBC periodically hosts virtual information sessions for 9th, 10th,11th, and 12th grade students and parents the month of October, November, and December, We strongly encourage students to register for the above sessions at www.ccbcmd.edu/infosessions.

BCPS/CCBC Tuition Free Program: BCPS Tuition Free Program (ccbcmd.edu)

Tuition Free Program Expansion FAQs

Request Form for Course Taken Outside of BCPS

The Early College Magnet Program (ECP) at Woodlawn High School (WHS)
The Early College Program at Woodlawn High School is a BCPS magnet program. The ECP at WHS is designed to provide students with a college preparatory program that combines the high school and college experience in a supportive, yet rigorous educational environment. Through a partnership with the CCBC, students have the opportunity to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and an associate of arts degree or up to 60 credits toward a bachelor’s degree. Students earn credits through course work completed at both the high school campus and at the community college campus. Adjunct professors from CCBC teach on-location for freshmen and sophomores. Juniors and seniors attend WHS half day and then travel to CCBC half day to take their college courses on campus. College credits, college books and all college fees are free to participating magnet students. Dual credits and articulated college credits may be earned from the Community College of Baltimore County. Please visit the BCPS Magnet Programs Office’s Website for more information.

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