Summer Programs

BCPS Summer Programs

Baltimore County Public Schools offers several summer programs to support student learning over the summer. 

Summer Learning Hike
BCPS is proud to offer students access to Summer Learning Hike – an optional summer learning opportunity. The personalized instruction identifies and addresses learning gaps that typically occur in the summer and works to ensure students are ready for grade-level instruction in the upcoming school year. The purpose of the Summer Learning Hike is to offer students the opportunity to review reading and math content from the current school year.

More information, including links to live teacher support, can be found here.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Program Contact: Erin Sullivan

The summer high school ESOL program is designed for rising Grade 9–12 English Learners with a WIDA score of 1-2. Students will receive English Language Development instruction in addition to the opportunity to earn original credit for Health or EPI. Students also have an opportunity to participate in activities that support socio-emotional learning. The 2020 middle school ESOL program supports rising Grade 6–8 English Learners with a WIDA score of 1-2. Students will spend two hours a day focused on English Language Development in addition to arts integration. The 2020 elementary school ESOL program supports rising Grade 4–6 English Learners with a WIDA score of 1-2. Students will receive two and a half hours of reading, math, and vocabulary instruction. Click here for more information.

Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) – Title I STEM Camp
Program Contact: Michele Stansbury 

The Title I STEM Camp reinforces students' mathematics and reading skills for students currently in Grades 1–5 during the summer. The STEM program is designed to prevent the summer learning slide and engage students in programs that allow for the application of skills using hands on STEM activities and two to one student to teacher tutoring sessions. Click here for more information.

Extended School Year (ESY)
Program Contact: Dan Martz

Identified students with disabilities receive ESY services as determined by the IEP (Individualized Education Program) team. ESY focuses on the maintenance of critical skills as well as academic and functional goals/objectives identified on the IEP. Special education teachers and related service providers provide specialized instruction and services during ESY.

Extended Year Learning Program (EYLP)
Program Contact: Tina Nelson

Baltimore County Public Schools students recommended for high school credit recovery or credit advancement can participate in EYLP. Seats are limited. Enrollment is on a first come basis. Click here for more information.