Information Technology

Kara Lynch, Ph.D., Supervisor of Business and Computer Science Education
443-809-8924 / fax: 410-821-1719

Amanda Lattimore, CTE - Computer Science Resource Teacher

The Office of Business and Computer Science Education supports schools in the development, implementation, and assessment of new courses and career completer programs.  As well as assisting with instructional strategies, and staff development that will enable students to enter the workforce upon graduation in a specific career pathway and/or be prepared to enter college. Business and Computer Science Education recognizes the uniqueness of each student and focuses on his/her preparation in becoming life-long learners and responsible citizens. Schools are supported in efforts to upgrade technological skills and equipment and to prepare students for the world of work and to be ready to succeed in a global economy.

Jefferson Building, 3rd Floor
105 W Chesapeake Ave
Towson, MD 21204