CTE Spotlights

Check out the amazing things CTE students and teachers are doing!

Student 1 

Leonard Ferguson 2019 Western Tech Mechanical Construction Plumbing Graduate shares:

“My favorite part of working for G.E. Tignall is being able to invest in myself every single day.  I get to come to work and learn something new to broaden both my knowledge and understanding of the plumbing trade.  The best part is knowing no one can ever take this knowledge away from me.  It will be with me forever.  And it all started at Western Tech!”

Student 2

Justin Maddox 2020-2021 Western Tech Mechanical Construction Plumbing Senior shares:

“Without Western Tech’s Mechanical Construction Plumbing Program, I wouldn’t have the knowledge or skills I need to be a successful Apprentice!”


Student 3

Taylor Ferguson, Western Tech Academy of Health Professions 2014 Graduate, shares:

“I have been a registered nurse for a little over a year now, and consequently became a COVID-19 nurse for the past 5 months! WT provided me with the appropriate academia and basic skills necessary to step foot into my current field of work. Because of the AHP program at WT, I was able to transition smoothly to college as a nursing major, and now work as a registered nurse. I am grateful for my experiences with the education and staff at WT for guiding me directly to my career path.”

My name is Jy'India Lester and I am apart of Western Techs graduating class of 2018. I had the pleasure of being in the Graphic Print and Communications magnet. This program allowed me to start 2 businesses with designs made in my Graphic design classroom. Without the Graphic Print and Communications program, I would have never been able to brand my businesses exactly how I wanted them to be. I am so grateful for the opportunity & so excited to see where my art takes me. 


We are so proud of Sharon Dorsey, Western Tech Environmental Technology Class of 2014.  She is working at KCI Technologies, which is an environmental engineering company in Spark, Maryland.  She is doing a vegetation assessment study in preparation for a stream restoration project in Baltimore County.  

Sharon shares, “I will be forever grateful for my experiences at Western Tech.  The Environmental Technology Program, in particular, exposed me to new career options and provided me training for my current environmental position.  Learning ArcGIS mapping skills in high school gave me a leg-up in college courses and continue to aid me in my role as an Environmental Scientist.”


Patricia Bianco, 2007 WT Culinary Arts Program Graduate, shares:

“To say The WT Culinary Arts Program excelled my career in Food Service would be an understatement. Prior to starting the program, I had an interest in cooking at home which only blossomed into a passion for the vast field of Food Service. The core basic tools that I had gained from the program enabled me to start working in the field my senior year, which only made the transition to working in the field full time easier; as well as going into Culinary school after graduation.  I was able to grasp the beginning classes with confidence and ease, as I had a key foundation from the WT culinary program.  The program also exposed me to different cuisines, opened my creativity, and allowed me to participate in cooking competitions. I was able to network early and develop industry relationships that have carried with me.  The core knowledge and experiences that I gained have fueled my journey through independent restaurants, country clubs, hotels and the private school sector. To start on a great journey, you need a solid foundation and roots. The WT Culinary Arts Program gave me that.”


Dane Powell, WT Information Technology Class of 2010 Graduate, writes:


“I'm a Senior Software Developer that's had the pleasure of working for companies in various industries; from restaurant to healthcare and most recently I am making my mark in television and broadcast.  The technical expertise I have and the ability to translate it into providing diverse solutions alongside my IT peers wouldn't be possible without the strong foundation I received at Western Tech.  I was exposed to industry standard technologies that complimented or outpaced my collegiate education, as well as a strong practice in team building and leadership.”


Karndeep Singh, Western Tech Academy of Health Professions Program Class of 2014 Graduate, shares:


“I am a 2nd PhD student at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM). I conduct biomedical research on HIV to better understand how this virus replicates itself. Being a part of the Academy of Health Professions Program has taught me how to be a leader, how to give back to my local Baltimore community, and how to make a positive impact in the world. We need leaders who will help guide the world forward and Western Tech has given me the guidance I need to step up to be one of those leaders.”