Application Troubleshooting FAQs

1. I am only able to see part of the online application screen.
The online application is best viewed on desktop computers but can still be completed using a tablet or cell phone.  When using a tablet or cell phone, before signing into the online application, scroll to the bottom of the page.  Then click “View Desktop Site”.  This will allow you to see the Desktop View of the website and the complete screen.

2. I clicked on the New Student tab, but nothing happened.
After clicking on the tab, scroll to the bottom of the page.  The information on this page lists the terms and conditions of the application.  You must agree to them before beginning the application.  To agree, click on the box at the bottom of the screen next to “I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions”, then click Continue to Application.

3. I get a message saying the student I’ve entered already appears to be in your system and it won’t let me proceed.  What does this mean?
The information for students who have applied previously is retained in the system.  This means that if an application has been submitted for your child in a prior year, you must sign in with the email address used to create that application to have access to their information.  If you do not have access to that email or would like to change it, please contact our Magnet Programs’ office to transfer your child’s information to the new email address.  

4. I got a message saying no matching address was found.  Can I still apply?

This message will appear if an address is not in our system.  It can happen for the following reasons:

- The address is listed differently in the system—try typing your address in without the street suffix (i.e. enter “Smith” instead of “Smith Ave.”).  Also check spelling and spacing.

- The address is in Baltimore County but is not listed, even after checking the suffix, spelling and spacing—this may be the case if your house is new construction.

- The address is not in Baltimore County—students must be eligible to attend a BCPS school, typically this means they must be a resident of Baltimore County.  If your child is not a resident of Baltimore County, you will be ineligible to apply to magnet programs. 

If you are still unable to find your address in the system and feel that your child is still eligible to apply to magnet programs, you may still submit the application.  To submit, click next to the option “Not listed: {your address}” that appears in the pop-up menu after searching for your address. Click Save in this box.  This will allow you to finish entering your child’s information, then take you to a page where you can state why your feel your child is still eligible to apply.  You may then complete and submit the application.  Magnet Programs’ staff will review your application to verify eligibility. 

5. I am getting a message that says that there are no choices available for the grades selected.
Grade level restrictions apply to magnet applications.  Elementary magnet programs accept applicants entering Grades K-2, middle school programs accept applicants entering Grade 6, and high school programs accept applicants entering Grade 9, with some programs also accepting Grades 10 and 11.  If your child is not entering one of these grades in the next school year, as indicated in the Student Information section of the magnet application, the selections will not appear because your child is ineligible to apply to them.

6. The program(s) to which my child is interested in applying is not listed as an option.  Can they still apply to it?
If a program is not appearing as one of the selections, it is either because their grade level makes them ineligible (see previous question), or because their address allows them to forgo the application process for a particular program.  

Some magnet schools are a whole school magnets and students zoned to attend the school do not need to apply; they will automatically join the magnet program when they enroll.  This applies to Cromwell Valley Elementary, Wellwood International, Woodmoor Elementary, Deep Creek Middle, Lansdowne Middle, Middle River Middle, Stemmers Run Middle, Windsor Mill Middle, Chesapeake High, Lansdowne High, New Town High, and Overlea High Schools.  Students zoned for Golden Ring Middle School do not need to apply unless they wish to participate in the Health Science elective pathway courses.

7. No information concerning assessments or scheduling them is showing.
Only students applying to high school magnet programs will have assessments as part of the application and admission process.  Elementary and middle school applicants participate in a random lottery and do not have assessments or grade evaluations.

Information regarding high school assessments, including scheduling, has not yet been distributed.  When it is available, it will be emailed to parents, as well as posted on the Magnet Programs’ website.