Year At a Glance/Pacing

Board of Education Curriculum and Instruction Policy

The Board of Education of Baltimore County (Board) recognizes that the foundation of the school system’s educational program is a systemwide curriculum designed and structured so that Baltimore County Public Schools' (BCPS) students will attain high academic achievement and experience continuous growth by participating in a rigorous instructional program.

The Board understands that the instructional program must be designed to provide equitable resources for, and access to, high quality and effective programs that raise the academic bar and close achievement gaps for all students in Grades Pre-K through 12.

The Board believes that curriculum must be designed to provide a specific blueprint for learning that is derived from content and performance standards. The Board affirms the need for the articulation and coordination of curriculum across content areas and grade levels.

All curriculum must align with federal and state academic standards and requirements, be designed to increase student performance, reflect cultural responsiveness and provide materials for instruction and assessments that reflect the diversity of students and staff and that are geared toward the understanding and appreciation of culture, class, language, ethnicity, ability and other differences that contribute to each student based on measurable objectives.


What is Year-at-a-Glance (YAG)?

Year-at-a-Glance  (YAG) is a document that informs parents and students of the recommended pacing and content standards for selected courses. It includes the topics to be taught and a list of instructional resources. The YAG is only a recommended pacing guide; school leaders and teachers make the final decision regarding the pacing of any program of study. The classroom teacher is always the best source of information regarding content and pacing. The YAG is supplied as a model of one recommended path to the completion of a course.


The Importance of Pacing

A pacing guide is a document that maps out what will be taught in a specific content for each grade level. A pacing guide allows school systems to maximize student engagement.  Year-at-a-glance is a pacing guide that provides focus for our school staff and information to our parents and students.  YAG allows us to align assessments with expected pacing of lessons and ensure that students are engaged and encouraged.  

Pacing guides allow our school community of parents, teachers and students to know what we want students to learn.