Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Listed below are all the courses offered by the Career and Technical Education Program in Baltimore County.  Due to copyright restrictions, a "Year At a Glance" is not available for display for all the courses.  By clicking on the "Career and Technical Education YAGS" page you will be able to view the ones that are currently available.  If you have specific questions about YAGS that are not available, please contact Dr. Michael Grubbs ([email protected]) 443-809-9591.  

Accounting 1 Hon
Accounting 2 Hon
Accounting Principles Of Gt/Aa
Adv Business Management Hon
Adv Design Application
Adv Tech Application
Ag Sci Case/Agri R&D Cwe Hon
Ag Sci Case/Intro Nat Res
Ag Sci Case/Prin Animal Sc Hon
Ag Sci Case/Prin Plant Sci Hon
Ag Sci Cwe Hon
Ag Sci Intern Seminar Hon
Ag Sci Veterinary Science Hon
Agriscience Ms6
Agriscience Ms7
Agriscience Ms8
Ahp Acadofhlt Pro 1 Mag
Ahp Acadofhlt Pro 2 Mag
Ahp Acadofhlt Pro Cwe Hon Mag
Ahp Aldhlth Sciaca4cna Hon Mag
Ahp Allied Health 3 Hon Mag
Ahp Allied Health 4 Hon Mag
Ahp Cna 3
Ahp Cna 5 Hon
Ahp Health Sci Prof 3 Hon Mag
Ahp Health Sci Prof 4 Hon Mag
Ahp Pharm Tech 3 Hon
Air Force Jrotc 1
Air Force Jrotc 2
Air Force Jrotc 3 Hon
Air Force Jrotc 4 Hon
Anatomy & Physiology Hon
Ap Comp Sci Prin
Ap Computer Science A
Apprenticeship Wbl1 Hon
Apprenticeship Wbl2 Hon
Apprenticeship Wbl3 Hon
Army Jrotc 1
Army Jrotc 2
Army Jrotc 3 Hon
Army Jrotc 4 Hon
Art-Tech Mag Ms7
Art-Tech Mag Ms8
Auto Service Tech 1 Mag
Auto Service Tech 2 Mag
Auto Service Tech 3 Hon Mag
Auto Service Tech 4 Hon Mag
Auto Service Tech 5 Hon Mag
Auto Service Tech Cwe Hon Mag
Avid Ms7
Avid Ms8
Avtn&Auto Sys Eng Cwe Gt/Aa
Bct 1
Bct 2
Bct 3 Hon
Bct 4 Hon
Bct 5: Crew Leadership Hon
Bct: Work Exp Hon
Business Admin Mgt Prin Of
Business/Comp Sci Ms6
Business/Comp Sci Ms7
Business/Comp Sci Ms8
C++ Program Language Gt/Aa
Carpentry Careers 1
Carpentry Careers 2
Carpentry Careers 3 Hon
Carpentry Careers 4 Hon
Carpentry Careers 5 Hon
Carpentry Careers 6 Hon
Carpentry Careers Cwe Hon
Cdm 1: Intro
Cdm 1: Intro Hon
Cdm 2: Prin & Const Des
Cdm 2: Prin & Const Des Hon
Cdm 3: Adv Des & 3d Hon
Cdm 4: Adv Const Mgmt Hon
Child Development 1 Hon
Child Development 2 Hon
Coll&Car Rsrch&Devwkbsdlrn Hon
Coll&Career Rsrch&Dev Intro A
Coll: Adv Tech 1
Coll: Adv Tech Iii
Coll: C++ Program Language
Coll: Child Development 1
Coll: Comp Sci Principles
Coll: Computer Repair
Coll: Con Mats And Meths
Coll: Const Blueprint Read
Coll:Foundations Of Comp Sci
Coll:Prin Of Business admin & Mgt
Coll:Principles Of Accounting
College & Career Rsrch & Dev Adv
College & Career Rsrch & Dev Intro
Cosmetology 1 Mag
Cosmetology 2 Mag
Cosmetology 3 Mag
Cosmetology 4 Hon Mag
Cosmetology 5 Hon Mag
Cosmetology 6 Hon Mag
Cosmetology 7 Hon Mag
Cosmetology 8 Hon Mag
Cosmetology 9 Hon Mag
Cosmetology Cwe Hon Mag
Cosmetology Extension Hon Mag
Culinary Arts 1 Mag
Culinary Arts 2 Mag
Culinary Arts 3 Hon Mag
Culinary Arts 4 Gt/Aa Mag
Culinary Arts 4 Hon Mag
Culinary Arts 5 Gt/Aa Mag
Culinary Arts 5 Hon Mag
Culinary Arts 6 Hon Mag
Culinary Arts Cwe Hon Mag
Cyber Security Hon
Diesel Engine Cwe Hon Mag
Diesel Engine Tech 1 Mag
Diesel Engine Tech 2 Mag
Diesel Engine Tech 3 Hon Mag
Diesel Engine Tech 4 Hon Mag
Diesel Engine Tech 5 Hon Mag
Digital Arts
Digital Arts Studio
Double Period 1-Term
Double Period 2-Term
Dual Enroll-College/Univ
Eff Lrng for Col & Car Ms6
Eff Lrng for Col & Car Readiness
Electrical Careers 1
Electrical Careers 2
Electrical Careers 3 Hon
Electrical Careers 4 Hon
Electrical Careers Cwe Hon
Engineering Design Gt/Aa
Engineering Design Hon
Engr Careers 1 Hon
Engr Careers 2  Hon
Engr Careers 3 Hon
Engr Careers 4 Hon
Engr Principles Hon
Engr Tech Gt/Aa
Exp Aviation & Aero Hon
Family Consumer Sci Ms6
Family Consumer Sci Ms7
Family Consumer Sci Ms8
Food Pre-professional 1
Food Professional 2 Hon
Foods Prof Intern 1 Hon
Found Of Comp Sci Hon
Foundations For Comm 1
Foundations For Comm 2
Foundations For Comm 3
Foundations Of Engin
Graphic Comm Intro
Graphic Comm Tech 1
Graphic Comm Tech 2
Graphic Comm Tech 3 Hon
Graphic Comm Tech 4 Hon
Graphic Comm Tech Cwe Hon
Health Sci Careers Ms6
Health Sci Careers Ms7
Health Sci Careers Ms8
Hsep Admin Of Justice 1 Hon
Hsep Admin Of Justice 2 Hon
Hsep Found Of Homeland Sec
Hvac Appliance Repair Hon
Hvac Careers 1
Hvac Careers 2
Hvac Careers 3 Hon
Hvac Careers 4 Hon
Info Systems Mgt/Aa 1 Gt/Aa
Info Systems Mgt/Aa 2 Gt/Aa
Inter Media Prod 1 Hon
Inter Media Prod 2 Hon
Inter Media Prod 3 Gt/Aa
Inter Media Prod 3 Hon
Inter Media Prod 4 Gt/Aa
Inter Media Prod 4 Hon
Inter Media Prod Cwe Gt/Aa
Intern Arts/Humanities Gt/Aa
Intern Arts/Humanities Hon
Intern Bus/Comp Sci Hon
Intern Business/Finance Gt/Aa
Intern Business/Finance Hon
Intern Child Dev Hon
Intern Comp Sci/Info Tech Hon
Intern Comsc/Info Tech Gt/Aa
Intern Hlth/Hum/Pub Serv Gt/Aa
Intern Hlth/Hum/Public Srv Hon
Intern Homeland Security Hon
Intern Ma/Sci/Engin Gt/Aa
Intern Ma/Sci/Engineering Hon
Intern Nutrition&Food Sci Hon
Intro To Apprenticeships
Linux Essentials Hon
Marine Jrotc 1
Marine Jrotc 2
Marine Jrotc 3 Hon
Marine Jrotc 4 Hon
Marketing 1 Hon
Marketing 2 Hon
Mass Communications Mag Ms6
Mass Communications Mag Ms7
Mass Communications Mag Ms8
Mchncl Const/Plumbing 1
Mchncl Const/Plumbing 2
Mchncl Const/Plumbing 3 Hon
Mchncl Const/Plumbing 4 Hon
Mchncl Const/Plumbing Cwe Hon
Navy Jrotc 1
Navy Jrotc 2
Navy Jrotc 3 Hon
Navy Jrotc 4 Hon
Network Completer 1 Hon
Network Completer 2 Hon
Network Defense Hon
Nutrition&Food Sci Hon
Per&Prof Skills 1 Ib
Per&Prof Skills 2 Ib
Pltw Auto&Robotics Ms
Pltw Biomed Human Body Sys Hon
Pltw Biomed Innovation Gt/Aa
Pltw Biomed Principles Of Hon
Pltw Biomed Resrch&Dev Cwe Hon
Pltw Comp Sci Innov&Makrs Ms
Pltw Design&Model Ms
Pltw Energy&Environ Ms
Pltw Eng Des&Dev Gt/Aa
Pltw Engr Aerospace Gt/Aa
Pltw Engr Civil & Arch Gt/Aa
Pltw Engr Compintegmanuf Gt/Aa
Pltw Engr Desgn Intro Hon
Pltw Engr Digital Elect Hon
Pltw Engr Prin Intro Hon
Pltw Flight&Space Ms
Pltw Green Arch Ms
Pltw Magic Of Elect Ms
Pltw Medical Detect Ms
Pltw Medical Int Gt/Aa
Prin Aviation & Aero
Private Pilot Gt/Aa
Prof Baking And Pastry 1
Prof Baking And Pastry 2
Prof Baking&Pastry3 Hon
Prof Baking&Pastry4 Hon
Profbaking&Pastry Int 1 Gt/Aa
Profbaking&Pastry Int 2 Gt/Aa
Psychology Hon
Released Time
Rotation-Aemv Mag Ms6
Rotation-Emva Mag Ms6
Rotation-Mvae Mag Ms6
Rotation-Vaem Mag Ms6
Stem/Mag 6
Stem/Mag 7
Stem/Mag 8
Sust Eng/Arch Sys Ms7
Sust Eng/Arch Sys Ms8
Tam Child/Adolescent Dev Hon
Tam Foundation Curr/Inst Hon
Tam Intern Education Acadgt/Aa
Tam Teaching As A Profess Hon
Tech Center
Tech Ed 1-Communications Ms6
Tech Ed 2-Communications Ms7
Tech Ed 2-Engr Design Ms7
Tech Ed 3-Communications Ms8
Tech Ed 3-Engr Design Ms8
Tech Ed Level 1 Ms6
Tech Ed Level 2 Ms7
Tech Ed Level 3 Ms8
Theatre Technical 1
Unmanned Aircraft Gt/Aa