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All students will be physically educated, having acquired motor skills to perform a variety of physical activities, physical fitness knowledge, and intrinsic motivation to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle in an increasingly changing society.


The purpose of the physical education program is to contribute to each student’s growth and development in the physical, mental, and social domains through a movement-based curriculum.  This involves the delivery of a planned, sequential, K-12 instructional program that teaches skills, knowledge, and behaviors to promote lifelong fitness.  These components are necessary to function at an adequate level of competence, enabling each student to be an active, physically and mentally fit individual throughout life.


Physical education is an important and unique part of the daily instructional program.  Not only does it contribute to the overall goals of education, but it also contributes to the development of motor and social skills, maintenance of fitness, personal health, and brain development.  Physical activity is the method by which learning takes place.  Quality instruction in physical education involves the “whole child” by providing psychomotor, cognitive, and affective benefits.

Belief Statements

We believe that all students will learn and achieve.

We believe that all students will be educated in a safe and orderly learning environment.

We believe that our vision for physically educated students requires:

  • Established curriculum based on the National Standards for Physical Education.
  • Delivery of instruction by certified physical education teachers.
  • Scheduled time, adequate staffing, appropriate facilities, and proper equipment to deliver the program.
  • Shared accountability among teachers, administrators, and central office personnel.
  • Effective principals, teachers, community leaders, and parents who understand and support the need for students to be physically active on a daily basis.