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Special Education Services during the Extended Closure

As directed by the Maryland State Superintendent to all Local Education Agencies, Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) will deliver educational instruction in a digital format during the extended closure. As a result, BCPS will provide special education services and related services through distance learning. During the extended closure, special educators will provide accommodations or modifications to materials created by general educators and deliver direct instruction to students, as they do each school day, per the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or the student's Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP). Special educators and related service providers will continue to explore distance learning opportunities and create specially designed instruction based on the student’s individual needs as defined by the student’s IEP.

Special educators, related service providers, and parents are encouraged to explore instructional services options during the extended closure. Case management services will continue through phone calls or video-conferencing with families. Special educators and related services providers are required to document services during this time.

During the extended closure, IEP teams will use telephone or video-conferencing based on mutual decision and availability for regularly scheduled or parent-requested IEP team meetings. Once schools reopen, IEP teams will hold meetings to discuss whether the extended closure had an educational impact on the student. This may result in a temporary change in special education services or a determination of compensatory services. Additional guidance regarding the determination and provision of compensatory services will be provided to IEP teams at a later time.

For additional information and guidance concerning the delivery of special educational services as well as student and parental rights, please visit the following agencies and Website links:

US Department of Education
Maryland State Department of Education 
Baltimore County Public Schools

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The Department of Special Education will enable and empower our students with special needs to develop academically, socially, and behaviorally, to become an integral part of the school and their community, and a participating member of a globally competitive society. In accordance with the Blueprint 2.0, the Department of Special Education provides vision, leadership, and expertise to schools and other departments and offices regarding the implementation of curricular and instructional initiatives that support the achievement of students with disabilities in compliance with state and federal mandates.