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The Blended Learning Support team provides strategic support to schools and offices in transforming educational experiences for students using effective blended learning models. The team provides professional learning, including facilitating professional learning communities, leading learning walks, and modeling responsive instruction using technology. Blended Learning Support also provides individual and team coaching to teacher leaders to support the implementation of blended learning. Additionally, the team supports the effective implementation of technology through their expertise in the Learning Management System (LMS), digital content, and instructional tools.

Professional LEarning for Blended Instruction

Professional Learning for Blended Instruction

The Blended Learning Support Team acts as the lead learners for effective innovation and pedagogy by evaluating current best educational methods and trends. Using an iterative process of quality, research-based practices ensures authentic blended learning opportunities are available for all learners to support system-wide initiatives, and to build rigorous, responsive, relevant, and accessible instruction through quality blended models. As experts in andragogical theory, the team designs, creates, facilitates, monitors, and reviews professional learning offered to our educators and staff to assure personalization and flexibility for integration of information into current practices. 

Resource teachers in Blended Learning Support provide professional learning and support to all learners during and beyond the school year to empower staff to embrace a culture that affords learner agency and innovation. The team assists in vetting new digital platforms for appropriate and effective classroom use, then, creates experiences that build capacity in blended instruction to engage, enhance, and extend learning for all, exemplifying ISTE Standards for Educators as Empowered Professionals. 

The team on-boards and provides ongoing support for initiatives that move toward purposeful and meaningful use of technology at all levels of learning. Additionally, the team initiates adult blended learning opportunities meeting the needs of stakeholders including: Leadership Conferences, EdCamps, Innovation Academy courses, virtual trainings, parent community offerings, numerous face-to-face sessions, and countless other creative offerings as requested or identified. 

Through continued support of our School-Based Instructional Coaches in both one-on-one visits and monthly deep-dive sessions created for those teacher-leaders, the team models and teaches practices in adult learning, relationship building, and creation and implementation of initiatives with individual school teams. In addition, the team attends residencies in schools in conjunction with Curriculum and Instruction content offices to marry content with responsive blended instruction.

Instructional Support of the LEarning Management System
Instructional Support of the Learning Management System

The Blended Learning Support Team, empowers all BCPS stakeholders to effectively utilize the Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology, to best support the diverse needs of our stakeholders throughout Baltimore County. 

Resource teachers in Blended Learning Support are experts in the Learning Management System, Digital Content, and Instructional Tools. In collaboration with the Department of Information Technology, academic offices, and schools, the team ensures that the Learning Management System supports responsive instruction at all levels. By creating and curating a variety of support resources on several platforms, ranging from face-to-face instructional sessions to blended models to both print and digital resources, individual users are afforded the assistance necessary to improve design, communication, and monitoring strategies for student success. 

The Blended Learning Support Team consistently models best practices for Schoology use and provides on-boarding and continuing professional learning, resources, updates, and communications for administrators, teachers, students, and parents, reflecting ISTE Standards for Educators as Learning Catalysts. Through the creation and maintenance of a positive relationship with the vendor, the team advocates for additional features and functions of the LMS to best support instruction and improve equitable access for all.

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