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Wade S. Kerns                                                                      Nadiyyah Nasir
Coordinator                                                                           Administrative Assistant

105 W. Chesapeake Avenue                                              Phone: 443-809-4330
Towson, MD 21204                                                               Fax: 410-823-7028

Advanced Academics is an umbrella term that encompasses all the differentiated programs and services Baltimore County Public Schools offers to its advanced and high potential learners. These programs and services are specially designed to extend, enrich, and/or accelerate the standard school program in order to meet the needs of our students. These programs and services include differentiated small groups, Grades 4 and 5 Advanced mathematics, Gifted and Talented/Advanced Academics classes at the middle and high school levels, Advanced Placement classes and Dual Credit courses at the high school level, and subject- or grade-level acceleration at all levels.


The Office of Advanced Academics contributes to creating a culture of deliberate excellence through its commitment to all students who have the capability, potential or motivation to access advanced academic curriculum and instruction.


In order to support BCPS in creating a culture of deliberate excellence, the Office of Advanced Academics will:

1. Nurture potential in all students.
2. Challenge students with advanced capabilities through differentiation and responsive instruction.
3. Equitably address needs of advanced and high potential leaners across all populations.
4. Collaborate with academic offices to enhance, develop and implement responsive, rigorous and relevant curriculum and instruction that meets the needs of advanced and high potential learners.
5. Gather input to understand and respond to the needs of stakeholders.
6. Provide support to schools through professional development, materials and resources that build teacher capacity to meet the needs of advanced and high potential learners.
7. Advocate for increased, equitable participation in advanced academics through curriculum development, consistent implementation of Advanced Academic processes and procedures, professional development, communication with all stakeholders, participation in state and national organizations and promoting the implementation of best practices in the field.

Contact Information

Wade Kerns, Coordinator

Nadiyyah Nasir, Administrative Assistant

105 West Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, MD 21204
Phone: 443-809-4330
Fax: 410-823-7028