Elementary Dance

Elementary Dance Integration Program Overview

Office of Music and Dance Education

Elementary dance students in a superman poseChildren are natural movers and are inherently creative.  The Elementary Dance Integration programs offered in Baltimore County Public Schools provide a structured environment for students to explore movement and develop their creative potential in conjunction with other subject areas.  Elementary Dance Integration is offered as a special area subject for Grades K-5.  

Elementary dance student stretching on the floorDuring a typical Dance Integration lesson, the students will be actively involved in creative thinking and problem solving that explores concepts in science, math, history, and social studies as experienced through movement.   The curriculum is aligned with both the Maryland State Standards for Dance Education and the National Core Arts Standards which focus on the artistic processes of creating, performing, connecting, and responding in and through dance.  

Elementary dance student working with propsThe program is delivered by a qualified dance educator who is able to guide the students through each step of the learning process and support the students in their thinking, learning, and dancing.  The program is designed to develop the student’s understanding of fine arts dance as well as the student’s understanding of how dance connects to other subject areas.  As evident in current brain research, activating both the brain and the body during instruction has numerous benefits for cognitive development and deeper learning. 


School Name Dance Teacher Phone Number
The Chatsworth School
Kelly Alt 410-887-1103
Cedarmere Elementary School
Carrie Sells
Gunpowder Elementary School Caitlyn Hart 410-887-5121
Halstead Academy Caitlyn Hart 410-887-3210
Shady Spring Elementary School Karen Kuebler 410-887-0509
Victory Villa Elementary School Jordyn Schettino 410-887-0184
West Towson Elementary School Carrie Sells 410-887-3869
Woodmor Elementary School
Shannon Glasgow