Secondary Dance

Secondary Dance

Office of Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre)

MISSION Male dancer lifting a female dancer
The mission of the dance education program is to provide quality performance-based instruction with experiences that include perception and response activities with movement, historical, social, and cultural dance forms, creative expression and production, aesthetics, and personal development for a successful lifetime.

We will have students who are artistically educated through dance, who have developed and acquired movement, observation, communication, behavioral, and thinking skills to meet the increasing challenges of life in the 21st century.

BELIEF STATEMENTSTwo male dancers with leg extension

We believe all students will learn and achieve. We believe that our vision for a student who is artistically educated in dance requires:

  • a certified dance teacher in every program.
  • a curriculum in dance education based on national, state, and local standards.
  • adequate staffing, equipment and supplies, facilities, planning and teaching time to deliver the program.
  • professional support from content specialists, curriculum development,Ensemble of dancers stretching arms principals, and school leaders.
  • shared accountability among teachers, principals, and central office personnel.
  • support from communities, parents, and teachers who recognize and understand the value of an arts and movement education in overall student achievement.


Middle Schools: Deep Creek Middle School Brook Urquhart 410-887-0112
Deer Park Middle Magnet School Mya Hamilton 410-887-0726
  Deer Park Middle Magnet School
Christen Munroe- Jones  410-887-0726
  Dundalk Middle School Nicole Lindskog
  Franklin Middle School Tristen Butler 410-887-1114
  Franklin Middle School Kelsey Lewis   410-887-1114
  Loch Raven Academy Domineka Reeves 410-887-3518
  Middle River Middle School
Madison Bonaparte
Pikesville Middle School Stephanie Crockett 410-887-1207
Stemmers Run Middle School Douglas Green 410-887-0177
Southwest Academy Nivia Ham 410-887-0825
Sudbrook Magnet Middle School Fleur Colimore 410-887-6720
Windsor Mill Middle School Madison Booker 410-887-0618
High Schools: Dulaney High School Deborah McWilliams 443-809-7633
  Dundalk High School Douglas Green 443-809-7023
  Franklin High School Leanne Gibson 443-809-1119
  George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology Maria Royals 443-809-2845
  George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology Stephanie Powell   443-809-2845
  Hereford High School Erin Norton 443-809-1905
  Kenwood High School Amy Ferrigno
  Lansdowne High School Laura Brown-Spencer 443-809-1415
  Milford Mill Academy Kutia Jawara 443-809-0660
  Milford Mill Academy Amber Merrick 443-809-0660
  New Town High School Katie Duncan 443-809-1614
  Overlea High School Lisa Duggan-Lee 443-809-5241
  Owings Mills High School Christina Collins 443-809-1700
  Owings Mills High School Kaitlin Magruther 443-809-1700
  Parkville High School Meghan Bulls 443-809-5257
  Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts Claire Sweet 443-809-7060
  Perry Hall High School Sarah Soule Walters 443-809-5108
  Pikesville High School Alessia DeCarlo 443-809-1217


Large cast of dancers with arms extended