Summer Art Enrichment Program

2023 BCPS Art Enrichment Camp!

2023 Summer Art Enrichment Camp2023 Summer Art Enrichment Camp
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Camp Dates: July 3-14, 2023 (no camp July 4th)
Cost: $120
Where: Perry Hall High School
Time: 10am - 3:30pm
(Transportation Options Available)

BCPS Summer Art Enrichment Camp Overview

The Baltimore County Summer Visual Arts Enrichment Program provides opportunities for students in grades 3-12 to build their personal art skills while developing a range of visual works that will inspire a meaningful art portfolio. A variety of courses are offered to meet the varied needs and interests of the student whether the student is seeking to improve their art skills or is preparing a portfolio for acceptance into a GT or magnet program, entrance into a college program, or preparation for an Advanced Placement exam. 

A Typical Day at Camp

Studio Experiences: Activities vary from day to day but generally include group interaction and independent work. Art problems attend to the processes artists engage in while creating art, as well as to the creation of finished art products and curation of personal portfolio collections.
Lunch: Students bring lunch daily.
Critiques/Discussions: Art problems provide opportunities for students to respond, connect, and present their work. 
Optional Transportation: Students will have access to transportation from selected schools throughout Baltimore County. Please see the registration page for more information. 

Open House Exhibition and Celebration!

An Open House/Reception will be held in the evening on Thursday, July 13, 2023, to give students, families, and teachers an opportunity to share in the two-week experience and see the artwork created during camp.

2023 Summer Camp Programs:

Entering Grades: 3-5
An Exploration of Artists and Their Materials

This program provides students opportunities to explore a theme through a variety of art materials as they learn about the work of various artists. Students will be encouraged to refine their current art skills and develop new skills with different materials by experimenting with and using 2-dimensional drawing and painting media and 3-dimensional materials. Students will learn about the artistic process as they solve visual problems, develop and create their own interpretations of a theme, and build personal portfolios to represent their ability as an artist.  

Entering Grades: 6-8
An Investigation of Media & Technique: Portfolio Development

This program is geared toward students interested in developing portfolios for consideration for magnet art programs. During this two-week program, students will create works of art that incorporate the traditional art forms of drawing, painting, and sculpture, as well as computer arts. Students will work from direct observation and imagination as they build a portfolio of work that provides a record of the progression of their ideas, skills, and images.

Entering Grades: 9-12
Painting & Drawing from Observation: Portfolio Development

This program is geared toward students who are interested in pursuing the sequential art program at the high school level and those who are preparing portfolios for Advanced Placement or college entrance. It allows students to survey their own artistic development to choose an area of concentration that will further their personal artistic growth. Students will research artists to find influences for their own work. Students will focus on drawing, watercolor, and oil painting.


The Baltimore County Summer Visual Arts Virtual Enrichment Program provides opportunities for students in grades 3-12 to build their personal art skills and add to their art portfolios in a safe and supportive learning environment. A variety of experiences are offered to meet the needs and interests of students, whether they are seeking to improve their art skills or preparing a portfolio for acceptance into a magnet program, entrance into a college program, or preparations for an Advanced Placement exam.

Art Enrichment Camp is 9 days of authentic and dedicated art-making, with students rotating through teachers each day to gain and develop experience and knowledge. Teachers will be showcasing a variety of projects that offer student-centered exploration and development of skills they can use to start their school year in the fall.

Summer camp participants this year will receive a dedicated portfolio to begin their collection of artworks. This portfolio will be perfect for housing artwork neatly and keeping it safe for years to come!

Camp is divided into 3 grade bands known as Studio Focus Areas, offering specific instruction aligned with students learning and skills in their age groups. These focus areas are listed below. Students will use age-appropriate materials throughout their experience, but at a new level and with opportunities to possibly use materials they may not have in their home schools!

The 2023 BCPS Summer Art Enrichment Camp will cost $120 this year and may be paid online using a link that will be emailed to you after registration. Both this form and a payment receipt is required to attend the BCPS Summer Art Enrichment Camp.

***Camp Programs (Elementary, Middle, and High) will move to "Wait List" as students are fulfilling registration (registration = this form and a payment receipt are complete). When a listing is "Wait List", you may still register the form, but a payment link will not be sent to you until a spot becomes available. You may reach out to Lilia ([email protected]) for more information should this be in place.

If you have any questions or concerns filling out the form, please email [email protected].

Current BCPS students entering grades 3-12, as well as children of BCPS employees have enrollment priority for the Summer Art Enrichment Camp. Additional requests may be considered if space allows.
If your student does not have permanent and adequate housing, is temporarily staying in a shelter, group home, or with friends/family due to economic hardship, please contact his/her principal to ask for a waiver and a copy of the brochure entitled Homeless Children and Youth in Baltimore County Public Schools. If you are currently experiencing financial hardship and are interested in your student attending the Virtual Summer Art Enrichment Camp, please contact the BCPS Office of Visual Arts.

For any questions, please contact the Office of Visual Arts at 443-809-4030, or by email to [email protected] or [email protected].