Itinerant Services

Itinerant services are provided for students with hearing losses in neighborhood schools, special education schools and magnet schools throughout Baltimore County Public Schools based on recommendations at the IEP team. Itinerant teachers, who are certified in deaf education, provide support to students by:
  • Delivering direct instruction
  • Promoting the development of the student’s self-advocacy skills
  • Arranging accommodations and modifications in the classroom
  • Providing effective instructional strategies and techniques for faculty/staff
  • Administering educational assessments
Itinerant teachers are liaisons between the parent, school and community. Support for faculty/staff, families and students includes information related to: hearing loss, communication options, assistive devices, current technology, literature, upcoming conferences and community events.

Itinerant teachers for students who are deaf and hard of hearing provide assistance to school faculty/staff through:
  • Staff development and in-service activities
  • Conferences with school staff
  • Co-teaching
  • Participation in IEP teams