Audiology Services

Audiology services in Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) are provided to students until high school graduation. Audiology services include free diagnostic screenings/ evaluations, parental support, and classroom assistance by certified BCPS audiologists. 

Diagnostic Audiology services include:
  • audiometric screenings
  • audiometric evaluations for pure tone and bone conduction
  • middle ear measures
  • auditory processing screening
Educational Audiology services include:
  • participating in IEP teams
  • providing input for classroom accommodations and modifications
  • assisting in the implementation of IEP as it relates to hearing status and assistive listening devices
  • providing staff development to school personnel related to the needs of students with hearing loss
  • offering information to students and parents about hearing loss and information related to community resources
  • managing auditory listening devices in the classroom for students with hearing loss
Referral for diagnostic audiology services through BCPS is made through the Child Find process, school nurse, IEP team request, or 504 Plan team request. Educational audiology support services for students with hearing losses are made through the recommendation of the IEP teams, 504 Planning teams, or the IFSP teams.