Secondary Advanced Academics

Wade S. Kerns                                                                       Nadiyyah Nasir
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Advanced Academics at the secondary level includes Gifted and Talented/Advanced Academic classes, Advanced Placement classes, Dual Credit courses, and subject- or grade-level acceleration. Each of these programs and services are differentiated in order to extend, enrich, and/or accelerate the standard school program.

As students enter middle school, they may be enrolled in Gifted and Talented/ Advanced Academics (GT/AA) classes. These classes are available in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. Incoming sixth grade students are enrolled in these classes based on the recommendation of the Review and Referral Team from their sending elementary school. Students may be enrolled in a single course or in multiple subject areas depending on readiness and need. Once students are enrolled in middle school, they have ongoing opportunities to be considered for placement in GT classes based on data gathered by the middle school Review and Referral Team.

In high school, students in GT classes are provided with a curriculum that is different from the curriculum offered in standard classes. The curriculum in GT classes has greater complexity, depth, and abstraction. In addition, students in GT classes will often utilize materials that are different from those used in standard classes. Parents are encouraged to meet with their children’s teachers to obtain additional details about GT classes and curricula at the middle school level. Students have the opportunity to enroll in a variety of advanced courses throughout their high school careers. These options include GT/AA classes, Advanced Placement (AP) classes and Dual Credit (college) classes. Each of these options are offered in a wide variety of courses including, but not limited to, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, World Languages, Performing Arts, and Technology Education. Parents should contact the high school guidance office for information about what courses are offered at the school their child is attending. Rising ninth grade students will be enrolled in courses recommended by their sending middle schools. Once students are enrolled in high school, they will have the opportunity to register for courses each school year for the following grade, typically around the end of the second quarter. Parents are encouraged to discuss this registration process with their child and his/her teachers. Questions about the registration process may also be directed to the high school guidance office.

AP classes:

Students in AP classes are provided with rigorous, complex curricula approved by the College Board. Students who earn passing scores on AP exams have the opportunity to earn college credit at many colleges and universities.

Dual Credit classes:

Students in dual credit classes will receive both high school and college credit upon successful completion of the course. These classes are offered through the Community College of Baltimore County.