AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination

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AVID’s Mission is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

What is AVID?

Visit the AVID. Org Website for information on AVID’s foundation and implementation nationwide.

Learn more about how AVID creates an equitable environment by promoting access and support for students in rigorous classes.

Graph showing the growth of AVID in BCPS from 2002, with six schools and 119 students, to 2021, with 56 schools and over 7,000 students

Learn More About AVID in BCPS

AVID in BCPS is a schoolwide system in K-12 schools that supports all students across the campus with college and career ready skills.

AVID middle and high schools offer an AVID elective class for students in the academic middle with aspirations of completing an early college experience (AP/IB/dual enrollment courses) during high school in preparation for matriculation.

See the full list of AVID Schools, their AVID Site Coordinators and emails, to get more information about the AVID College Readiness System on campus

AVID Elementary Schools
 AVID School  AVID Site Coordinator  Email Address
 Chadwick Elementary  Erica Weimer Eweimer@bcps.org
 Deer Park Elementary  Lee Pollack Lpollak@bcps.org
 Grange Elementary  Morgan Williams Mwilliams21@bcps.org
 Holabird STEM ES  Erica Franklin Efranklin2@bcps.org
 Martin Blvd  Jennifer Becker Jbecker@bcps.org
 McCormick Elementary  Karen Cohen Kcohen@bcps.org
 New Town Elementary  Erica Coco Ecoco@bcps.org
 Pinegrove Elementary  Kathy Andrzejewski Kandrezejewski@bcps.org
 Sandy Plains Elementary  Hillary Shaffer Hshaffer@bcps.org
 Villa Cresta Elementary  Emily Palmerino EPalmerino@bcps.org

 AVID Middle Schools
AVID School  AVID Site Coordinator  Email Address 
 Catonsville Middle School  Amanda Eisenberg aeisenberg@bcps.org
 Cockeysville Middle School  Megan Thomas Mthomas18@bcps.org
 Deep Creek Middle School Christine Krivda Ckrivda@bcps.org
 Deer Park Middle Magnet School  LaSean Gooden Lgooden@bcps.org
 Dumbarton Middle School  Gregory Rowland Growland@bcps.org
 Dundalk Middle School Jessica Cuozzo Jcuozzo@bcps.org
 General John Stricker Middle Lisa Culler Lculler@bcps.org
 Golden Ring Middle School Erin Stokes Estokes@bcps.org
 Holabird STEM MS Peter Flagle Pflagle@bcps.org
 Lansdowne Middle School Julie Webb Jwebb3@bcps.org
 Loch Raven Tech Middle  Karla Schneider kschneider5@bcps.org
 Middle River Middle School Caitlin Roh Croh@bcps.org
 Parkville Middle School  Susan Miller  Smiller@bcps.org
 Perry Hall Middle School  David Ninos Dninos@bcps.org
 Pikesville Middle School Brandon Thompson Bthompson6@bcps.org
 Ridgely Middle School Jackie Freeburger Jfreeburger@bcps.org
 Sparrows Point Middle  Sydney Moreland Smoreland@bcps.org
 Sudbrook Magnet Middle School Karen Spurrier Kspurrier@bcps.org
 Windsor Mill Middle School Richard Kline Rkline3@bcps.org
 Woodlawn Middle School Cheryl Clark Cclark4@bcps.org

AVID High Schools
AVID School  AVID Site Coordinator  Email Address 
Catonsville High School Courtney Miller Cmiller16@bcps.org
Chesapeake High School Andrew Romano Aromano@bcps.org
Crossroads Center Kelly Perdikakis kperdikakis@bcps.org
Dulaney High School  Brittany Jackson Bjackson2@bcps.org
Dundalk High School Cynthia Vetri cbozogan@bcps.org
Franklin High School Erin Hornberger Ehornberger@bcps.org
Hereford High School Laura Blama Lblama@bcps.org
Kenwood High School Kristine Komorowski Kkomorowski@bcps.org
Lansdowne High School Monica Jett Mjett@bcps.org
Loch Raven High School Megan Tobin Mtobin@bcps.org
Milford Mill Academy Andrea Weller Aweller2@bcps.org
New Town High School Rebecca Harris Rharris10@bcps.org
Northwest Academy Rosalie White rwhite2@bcps.org
Overlea High School Lauren Brown Lbrown7@bcps.org
Owings Mills High School Thomas Ridgway tridgway@bcps.org
Parkville High School Julie Evans Jevans2@bcps.org
Patapsco High School Lori Powers Lpowers@bcps.org
Perry Hall High School Sarah Spence Sspece@bcps.org
Pikesville High School Brandon Thompson Bthompson6@bcps.org
Randallstown High School Gerald Rasheed Grasheed@bcps.org
Southwest Academy Brandi Thomas Bthomas8@bcps.org
Sparrows Point High School Geoffrey Holland gholland@bcps.org
Towson High School Joshua Marx Jmarx3@bcps.org
Woodlawn High School  Kyle Snodderly ksnodderly@bcps.org

Focused-Note Taking is one of the many AVID Strategies that support students' college and career readiness. See how AVID's Focused Note-Taking system is being implemented systemwide to support student achievement and success.