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Sonia I. Synkowski, Coordinator of Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre)
Dr. Brian K. Schneckenburger, Supervisor of Music and Dance Education
Dr. Shane D. Jensen, Music Specialist
Darryl Pilate, Dance and Theatre Resource Teacher
Walker D. Teret, Piano Technician
Elvira BarksdaleFiscal Assistant II
Sherri Fisher, Director of CTE & Fine Arts

Jefferson Building, 3rd Floor
105 West Chesapeake Avenue
Towson, MD 21204
Telephone:  443-809-4024
Fax:  410-832-2917


The BCPS Theatre Program is aligned with the Maryland Fine Arts Standards and the National Core Arts Standards and guided by The Compass. Our mission is to use the evolving, live, collaborative art of Theatre to develop artists and scholars who have a lifelong passion for the arts. Students are given the opportunity to develop their unique voice and collaborate with others through the process of creating, performing, responding, and connecting to Theatre content. Our programs provide opportunities to integrate core concepts of social-emotional learning with high-quality Theatre education that is student-driven.

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