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2020 Virtual Teacher as Artist Invitation
2020 Virtual Teacher as Artist Exhibition

BCPS Virtual Summer Art Enrichment Camp Exhibition
The BCPS Virtual Summer Art Enrichment Camp Exhibition

We Will Get Through This with Art Exhibition Link
We Will Get Through This with Art Exhibition
The following 800+ works of art have been submitted by our Baltimore County Public Schools students, parents/caregivers, BCPS employees, administration, and anyone connected to our school system. Getting through this time period has been a challenge in everything we do, but the need for creativity and art-making has come through with every age level and interest. We have made amazing works of art getting through this pandemic, and it must be honored and showcased as we move forward! 
Please enjoy the exhibition!

The following links are for individual school and community exhibitions.



Chadwick Elementary

Primary part 1

Primary part 2


Deer Park Elementary

Grades 3-5

Grades K-2


Fort Garrison Elementary

Fifth Grade:



Remote Learning Art Class:

Remote Learning K-2

Remote Learning 3-5

Remote Learning K-2 Mini Museums

Remote Learning 3-5 Domestic Monuments


Grange Elementary

Grades 3-5

Grades K-2


Hebbville Elementary Virtual Art Lesson Presentations

K-2 Various Remote Lessons

5th Grade Social Activist Art

3-5 Grade Various Remote Lessons

3-5 Grade Personal Art

3-5 Grade Photography

K-2 Grade Remote Lesson Transform

K-2 Grade Remote Lesson Costume

K-2 Grade Personal Art

K-2 Photography


Hillcrest Elementary  Fantastic Journey Part 2  Fantastic Journey Part 1  Group Portrait Sculpture Part 1  Group Portrait Sculpture Part 2  Hillcrest Artwork Lessons 1-5  Hillcrest Artwork K-2  Hillcrest Art 3-5  2nd Edition  Hillcrest Art 3-5  3rd Edition  How to Make Pom poms  Land Art  Assemblage Lesson 3-5  Playful Portraits  K-2  Hillcrest Art Grades 3-5 Edition 1  Hillcrest Art K-2 Edition 1  Found Objects 3-5  Transformed Objects  K-2


Kingsville Elementary

KES Kindergarten Art Show

KES First Grade Art Show

KES Second Grade Art Show

KES Third Grade Art Show

KES Fourth Grade Art Show

KES Fifth Grade Art Show


Pine Grove Elementary

World in a Box

Land art

Family Portraints

Playful Faces


Westowne Elementary


West Towson Elementary


Middle School

Pine Grove Middle School
Art Under Quarantine Pine Grove Middle School 2020


Ridgley Middle School

High School

Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts Senior Show

Towson HS  Showcase


Custer Exhibitions

North East Area Schools Spring Art Show

Kenwood HS, Stemmers Run MS, Middle River Middle, Essex ES, Martin Boulevard ES, Glenmar ES,  Orems ES


Owings Mills Cluster Exhibition 


Lanscape 2020