Visual Arts Philosophy

Comprehensive Fine Arts Philosophy
Since the beginning of history, Art has been an integral part of the human experience. It can be found across cultures, societies, and time. Art connects us to our past, helps us to express and interpret the feelings and ideas of the present, and leads the way to an imagined future.

Through the study and making of Art, students learn to construct, create, decode, describe, and communicate. Art education helps students develop the attitudes, characteristics and intellectual skills required to participate in today’s society. Art teaches self-discipline, teamwork, and cooperation; it reinforces self-esteem and enhances students’ thinking skills and creativity. Through Art, students experience the direct connection between study, hard work, and achievement.

The Comprehensive Fine Arts program prepares students with these necessary skills which enable them to:

Create Visual Responses
By exploring and developing skill in the use of different mediums, students will develop confidence in their ability to conceive and develop new artistic ideas and work.

Respond Aesthetically
By analyzing and developing an awareness of visual qualities, students will be able to apply criteria in order to respond to, interpret, and evaluate their artwork and their environment. Students will develop a deeper understanding of the content of visual media and be able to evaluate how the arts convey meaning.

Present Artistic Work
Through the practice of analyzing and discussing the qualities, context, and purpose of artwork, students develop visual literacy and the ability to interpret and curate artistic work for presentation.

Connect with Personal, Historical, Cultural, and Social Contexts of Artworks
Students will develop understanding and appreciation for the art of different cultures and the social context in which those artworks were made. They will be able to relate artistic ideas and artwork with personal meaning and external content, and will be able to synthesize knowledge and personal experiences to make art. Students will gain an appreciation for the role that art plays in our lives and the contributions that artists and artisans have made to cultural heritage and our understanding of others.