Grade 12

Image of the cover of Collections Grade 12 textFlex Unit: College and Career Readiness
In this unit, students are guided through steps to prepare them for College and Career readiness. They will set meaningful goals and write a resume and/or college application essay while developing a unique voice in writing. 

Unit 1: Success 

In this unit, students will explore multiple perspectives about the concept of success and the factors, traits, and characteristics necessary to achieve it by examining a variety of texts and text types. Throughout the unit, students will examine how authors develop ideas over the course of a text, use data to support those ideas, make structural choices, and use rhetorical appeals. Students will evaluate others’ claims about success, and they will draw upon their understanding of the ideas and details presented to develop and support their own explanation of success.
Text options: The Glass Castle, Outliers, Funny in Farsi

Unit 2: Research and Inquiry
In this unit, students will be encouraged to think about and seek answers to self-created questions of inquiry, and to develop research-based responses in a written argument that demonstrates discourse around a topic or issue. Emphasis will be placed upon self-directed research as students produce an annotated bibliography showing their research progress. Students will use mentor texts to examine how arguments can take various forms/modes and analyze how authors' stylistic choices convey their purpose or message. 
Text options: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Unit 3: The Evolution of Gender Roles 
In this unit, students will investigate traditional and stereotypical gender roles for men and women as well as the broad societal changes in gender roles that have occurred over time. Students will read and analyze literary and nonfiction texts, examining how authors use the resources of language to express their ideas about gender and analyze ways in which gender stereotypes are reinforced and challenged in various media. Students will compose a synthesizing stylistic analysis of several fiction and informational texts and connect this analysis to the authors' treatment of gender stereotypes. 
Text options: Hamlet, Othello, Pride and Prejudice, Withering Heights, Song of Solomon

Flex Unit: Nature and Ourselves 
In this unit, students examine personal relationships with nature through literary and informational texts. Students will explore themes of nature using a critical lens to deepen their analysis of texts. Students will also explore numerous informational texts that address controversial environmental issues and contemporary scientific advancements in genetic engineering and the moral issues that arise as a result. The unit concludes with students composing either a personal narrative about an interaction with nature or an argument regarding humans' manipulation of nature. 
Text options: Into the Wild, Frankenstein, Life of Pi

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Note: The BCPS ELA curriculum provides teachers and students with choices that allow for personalized, responsive, and engaging instruction. Students should read the majority of the unit's novel-length work(s) outside of class time. The suggested unit sequences and text options may vary.