Jennifer Hernandez
Director, Office of World Languages and ESOL

Erin Sullivan, Ph.D

Coordinator of ESOL

Cheira Washington 
Administrative Secretary I

ESOL Office: 443.809.9640
ESOL Welcome Center: 443.809.6752

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Empowering multilingual learners and immigrant families by providing linguistically and culturally responsive instruction and support services.

The Office of ESOL improves student achievement through the design, implementation and assessment of the English for Speakers of Other Languages Program (ESOL).  The office assesses and identifies multilingual learners and works collaboratively with schools and community groups to coordinate and deliver services to families of multilingual learners.  In addition, the office oversees the identification and selection of appropriate textbooks and resources, and provides support and training to teaching staff.

Provide direct services and support to schools, multilingual learners, and their families.  
Ensure multilingual learners have equitable access to all specialized academic and non-academic programming.  

Provide support that leads to improved student achievement on system-wide exams and state assessments, and promote increased participation in national assessments.  

Develop and implement high quality professional development to ESOL, classroom, and S.T.A.T. teachers on culturally and linguistically responsive instruction.  

Facilitate communication between families and schools to increase parental involvement. 

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