Algebra I

ALGEBRA 1 (GT 7, 8, HS)


  1. Linear Functions and Models
    1. Linear Relationships
  2. Exploring Linear RelationshipsAlgebra I Textbook Cover
    1. Analyzing Data Sets for Two Quantitative Variables
    2. Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
    3. Piecewise-Defined Functions
  3. Exponential Functions
    1. Geometric Sequences and the Graphs of Exponential Functions
  4. Quadratic and Other Functions
    1. Polynomial Expressions
    2. Graphs of Quadratic Functions
    3. Solving Quadratic Equations
    4. Other Functions
  5. Data Analysis
    1. Analyzing Data Sets for One Variable
    2. Analyzing Data Sets for Two Categorical Variables

Each unit has a link to a newsletter with additional information and resources.

The Year at a Glance provides an overview of the mathematics content taught in the course.

Instructional time should focus on

  • solving equations and inequalities;
  • extending the study of functions from linear to exponential and quadratic;
  • reasoning and problem solving;
  • modeling situations in terms of the context; and
  • using statistical analysis to analyze relationships between two variables