Grade 5 BioBlitz Field Experience

For the last fifteen years, every fifth grade student in Baltimore County Public Schools participates in a one day field experience.  In 2017, the focus of this program was realigned to the Next Generation Science Standards.  The new field experience engages students in a BioBlitz.  The goal of a Bioblitz is to document every living thing within a specified search area.  Students do this using GPS enabled tablets and an application built in Baltimore County using Esri's ArcCollector application as the base.  In the first year, students collected over 10,000 points of data and cataloged three species not previously documented in the county.  Back at school, students analyze their data as part of the science curriculum and compare the biodiversity they found during their trip to their schoolyard.  The web map below shows the data collected by students.  

This project recieved recognition in 2018 by Esri and recieved a "Special Award in GIS".  It was the only K-12 program recognized that year. 

2018 SAG Award

BioBlitz from Baltimore County Public Schools on Vimeo.

Chaperone Information

Thank you for your interest in being a chaperone for your school's grade five Bioblitz experience.   You will be assisting a small group of  students as they explore one of Baltimore County's parks.  In order to help you prepare for this experience, the video below will orient you to all the components of the program.